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Non Member Class Fees 
Single Session $6.00 or 15 Sessions for $45.00

Fit For The King is proud to offer the best Group Exercise Program in the area! We currently offer 23 weekly classes for a variety of ages and fitness levels. Check out our excellent variety of Cardio & Strength Training Classes. Our qualified instructors are ready to help you reach your fitness goals!


Printable Schedule

This schedule is for 
January 5 through February 28


8:15-9:15am - Step Aerobics - Eileen

5:15-6:00pm - PiYo -Angela

6:00-6:45pm - Turbo Kick - Stacy H.


8:15-9:00am - Zumba-Angela V.

9:20-10:05am - Silver Sneakers -Tracy

4:30-5:15pm-Cross Camp-Gary

5:15-6:00pm - Turbo Kick - Stacy 



8:15-9:15am - Step, Pump, & Crunch - Stacy

9:20-10:05am -  Silver Sneakers - Toni 

5:15-6:00pm-Insanity- Tracy

6:00-7:00pm -PiYo -Angela


8:15-9:00am - Lifetime Fitness- Tracy

9:20-10:05am - Silver Sneakers - Tracy

4:30-5:15pm- Turbo Kick- Angel

5:15-6:00pm - Zumba - Angela V

      6:00-6:45pm-SWEAT- Tracy


5:30-6:15am-PiYo- Angela

8:15-9:15am -Step Aerobics - Eileen

9:15-10:00am - Super Sets - Stacy 


8:15-9:00am- Cross Camp - Gary

9:15-10:15am - Turbo Kick - Heather

 1st Sunday each month

1:00-1:45pm- Essentials Class-(free for everyone)

 Group Exercise Class Descriptions


Cross Camp-The name says it all!  This class is a combination of Cross Training circuits with a Boot Camp style workout.  Expect a high-energy total body workout with movements to challenge people of all fitness levels.  Improve speed, strength and get ready to sweat! No guts, no glory-get ready for Cross Camp!

Insanity- Insanity_Certified_4C_LR_PNGAre you ready to Dig Deep?  Insanity® is for people willing to work, drip sweat, and ignore the voice that says "This is too hard". This max interval training is easy to learn and pushes you to new training heights resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a higher metabolism. Modifications are shown for all fitness levels. Come join us!

Step Aerobics- Come and learn step aerobics from a pro! This class will provide great workout, while teaching you proper step techniques.   Resistance exercises also included.   Experienced steppers are also promised a great workout.

Lifetime Fitness- This low-impact class is a perfect match for a beginner, senior adult, or someone looks for a new class. This class will combine basic, easy to follow step movements and low-impact aerobics that will help decrease stress on knees and ankles.

SWEAT!  That's just what you will do in this class! This class combines a mixture of simple cardio movements with strength training moves to maximize results. Modifications will be demonstrated for all exercises, so all fitness levels are welcome. Be prepared to SWEAT!

Silver Sneakers- This class is open to anyone but it is targeted to older adults and is taught by a specially trained Senior Advisor.  Silver Sneakers offers an innovative blend of physical activity, healthy lifestyle and socially oriented programming that allows older adults to take greater control of their health.  Members of the Silver Sneaker community receive free memberships to Fit for the King.  See for more information.

Step, Pump, & Crunch-This new, fun class pairs easy step combinations with weight training exercises.  Abdominal work and a great stretch are included.  This great class works the whole body to develop endurance, while burning a ton of calories!

Super-Sets- Get ready for an awesome, quick strength training workout.  This class combines 3 or more exercises for the same muscle group.  Movements are chained together, performed with little rest between sets.  Different muscle groups will be targeted each class.

Turbo Kick™- Turbo Kick™ is an addictive workout that combines shadow boxing, kickboxing, sports drills, dancing, yoga, and simple dance moves in a party atmosphere. Turbo Kick™ is an interval based class that allows participants of any fitness level to participate and custom tailor their work-out.


Yoga-This great class follows a traditional 3-mountain format.  Breathing (pranayama) exercises, sun salutations, traditional yoga postures/poses(asanas), deep stretches, and a final relaxation are part of this great class.  If you want to improve strength, balance, and flexibility-then this is your class.

If possible, please bring your own Yoga mat to class.


 "Ditch the Workout-Join the Party!!"  This wildly popular form of aerobic exercise combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and dance combinations.  Zumba participants will dance away their worries and burn calories while having a blast!  No dance experience is needed-come party with us!

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